xtatik kula dana at art gallery male


the playfulness of youth can result in confidence: [what if i do THIS?]. and though the product is sometimes banal - has someone JUST noticed plastic bags? - there is always the intensity of feeling. it's the fount from whence all of this has gushed, even as bios and labels obfuscate and attempt to weave their sophistry, everything recalls this essence. and in this naked light, a painting of the city speaks to me, wild and raving, all harshness sublimated into vivid strokes. now an island on a canvas - think sweet watermelon seeds held between your teeth, the juice past your chin, and the work reveals its secret [thoddoo]! how could i have been so dense? and beneath my feet a cosmos of coral, a splendid memory cast in ecstatic scrawls. there is more here, much more but i can only take so much - let the night's images in my mind be lulled, let them be put to sleep. and for god's sake visit, please!