simultaneous dreams

i want to be on a highway.. rob banks. enter a town… watch the neon lights…

smoky bars

sleep in a motel

watch latenight show in bed

half empty bottles of whisky

smell of the carpet

stains on the white sheet from the last transients

a hole in the wall from a crazxy kid who came with family

looking out you see the sun going down

other side of the desert

cactus and a cowboy

roll a smoke

head out the window

a beer on the windowsill

finally the sun disappears

so does the cigarette

and i'm back in reality

ride the waves under the scorching sun

soaked in sweat and salt

cheap guesthouse in maafushi with broken toilet flush

everything is a bit sticky and lacquered

insincerely friendly locals

barefoot powder sand

snorkelling underwater colors

burnt skin and stinging soles

broken aircon rattle, deafening prayer call

magic power cut; candlelight candlewax

overpriced desalinated water

extinguish the stars with your eyes

walk the uneven concrete