naaru >Press

experimental / collaborative / multi medi(a/um) / publishing setup / birthed post #mvcoup

naaru >Press is a small publishing collective/effort; our policy is non-discriminatory and focused on promoting excellent creative work independent of the age, race, sex, gender, class, religion, culture, social status, sexual orientation, or country of origin of its creator(s). We are firm believers in fostering artists whose work is worthy of recognition.

naaru >Press's aesthetic sensibilities run the gamut from traditional to innovative; we do not align ourselves with a single school or style. Instead, we are open to and actively seek works in all genres by intelligent, creative humans that wish to engage with other similar beings. While we do confess a preference for music, art, photography and poetry, we do not publish them exclusively.

naaru >Press strives to work closely with its authors, artists, and contributors, providing feedback and assistance through every stage of the publication process. For this reason, we do not and cannot publish works we do not love wholeheartedly. We care less about the places in which the individual works have been published. Rather, we are most invested in the overall effect created by the artist, how the parts act in concert to create the whole.

naaru >Press is especially interested in collaborating and engaging with the wider Maldivian / Dhivehi diaspora world / universe wide.

naaru >Press grew as an initiative of   a t o l l s c a p e ; but retains its own autonomy, has its own editorial staff and maintains its own standards and guidelines.

Above all, we are dedicated to publishing creative work that make people proud to be wholly themselves and truly human at the same time. May the fruits of our combined efforts be as worthwhile as the effort itself.