Finding catharsis in disintegration

The coup on 7 February 2012 disrupted the lives and functioning of the Maldivian people when the remnants of a 30-year dictatorship brutally re-gained control of the government. They have been systematically abusing citizen rights and terrorising the nation since.

AĠ̮̜̳̬̗̺̼̆̋̓ͬ̄̐̚͜L͖̝̫̻̹̈͊͐͟͠I̗̮͓̱̥̘̳̘͎̓͂̋͑̆T̡̗̗͔̱͚͙̘̒̈͒͆̋͡Ç̖̥̘̟̥ͩ̅̽̓͊ͦͯ̿́H̢͙̝̙̫͛̽́͛͑̉̀͜͟occursontheoccasionwherethereisanabsenceof(expected)functional- ity,whetherunderstoodinatechnicalorsocialsense.

#mvprotest is a call to be free from #mvcoup

about glitch:
"Although art that has 'failure' or 'imperfection' as its subject is nothing new, glitch art and its growing community could be seen as a sign of times in which protest, breakage and mis-convergence have become issues of general interest. Glitch is interesting as a 'Tipping point of failure', a malfunction that is not ignored but instead celebrated as an active space for creation."

"Technically, a glitch is best understood as an unexpected, unexplainable consequence of an interruption within one or more (digital) information-flows. "

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