Excerpt from his poem “Society"; a work in progress.

Society, your values, gleaming and glistening in the sun, chanting the future of humankind and its morality, with devices of rhetorics and deceivingly moulding our logic, feeding your yearning spectators with their longing truths,

your values, too pigheaded to admitting its coated medallion, its gallant seal of authority, its crowd-pleasing white creamy divinity fudge, frosted with age old bronze tarnishing,

your values, complying with the spiritual foresight, extendable only for one single generation to come, conjured during the heaving moments of lonely and confusing epileptic seizures, rapidly tossing and turning to commit the heavenly hallucinations to your waning memory, to righteously bullhorn the promise of the final redemption of your people, stripped off of their individuality,

Your values, bellowing and hollering, like reverberating angels who were too busy to meet an enlightened mind, dissecting through the masses with the totalitarian advocacy of its never questionable merits, preached with prophetic enunciations, sanctimoniously, so sanctimoniously, and belching out disharmonies of reason and rhyme with reverence,

Your values, hurled into our thoughts, buzzing and ringing in our ears, screaming of unshakable absolutes, aligned with your primal urges, the framework to subjugate your women in peace, subjugate them for liberating their feminine curves, the rotating width of their hips, your fear of their bouncing bosoms, with the poking nipples, the shapley bouncing buttocks, your threatened masculinity, only erectable to the submissive and the timid woman, insecure to ever please the liberated and the outspoken pussy,

Your values, respectfully honouring our bureaucratically altered culture and history, rewarding it with the intangible purity and the fearmongered obedience, completely censoring all its hedonistic escapades, the casual pursuit of the naked pleasures of the sweating bodies of consenting adults, exploring casual sex, homosexuality, bisexuality, and simultaneous multiple suitors, Your values, indoctrinating our children with fables of the cock throbbing leviathan, who demanded the offering of our virgin little girls, who were raped and butchered, till the lonesome merchant arrived, miraculously defeating the pedophiliac demon with the melodic reciting of divine poetry,

Your values, further constructed by smashing the idols of our ancestors, in the Abrahamic fashion, to forbid and eradicate our pagan history, ironically to teach us to be proud of our majesties roots, praise the local heroin Ms.Shiura Jaufar, the graceful archeologist who will unveil our honest heritage, with the blessings of the United Nations,

Your values, paraphrased particularly with political vocabulary, shrewd sermons read out under the scorching unbearable Friday sun, our ears raked and our freedom of thought bruised, rushing home to the soothing satire and humour of the voice of the rest of us, praise Addu Haanee, we celebrate your bemocking of their preachings soaked with prejudices and bigotry and their dogmas,

Society, Your values, incompetent and failing the youth of the nation, living a deteriorating life of stab or be stabbed, surviving with the currency of contrabands, left unemployed, while the government funds the endless line of future Marketing Managers, IT Managers, Business Managers, Tourism Mangers, Tax Auditors, Financial Advisors, Urban Planners, the Architects, the Accountants, the Engineers, the Doctors and the Lawyers, with no necessity for the subjects of humanities or creative arts,

Your values, twisted by the politicians, playing the religion card in an age old game of Simon Says, buying your votes, gargling and babbling, their endless confrontations with the personalities of their rivals, forgetting the policies, forgetting their manifestos in the regional brothels, smearing their portfolios in the jacuzzis of Sun Island Resort and Spa, ejaculating their noble intentions to make your lives better,

Your values, retarded and willing to celebrating the geographic isolation within us, the irrational demand to develop your special birth island, a puny little spit of land, each two hundred of you living your stubborn lives in thousand different scatterings of geology, rejecting centralisation, demanding your own sewerage systems, your own power houses, your own harbours and ports and hospitals and schools, the perfect leverage for the conniving politician, the promise to develop your ant hill, their public speeches of hope and promises, lubricated through your audiences incapable to spot a reductio ad absurdum,

Your values, emotional worshiping of the thirty year doctrine, your pharaoh educated from the land of pharaohs, the perpetual, the everlasting, the ageless president, his excellency, Mr. Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom, the Saudi approved, honoured with raised glasses of Jonny Walker Black, his euphemistic democracy, praise him for the water, the electricity, the schools, the hospitals, the paved streets, and the blazing spectacle of the development of this proud nation, praise him, sing for him, the innumerable progress he has brought, as if you appointed him for something else entirely,

Your values, blind to the infrastructure of his disguised monarchy, the penal of the sacred and the inefable judges of the supreme court, vowed for life, knighted for eternity, the granting of their immortality by the deific pharaoh himself, his last cocksure manoeuvre to immunise his regime, behold the untouchable guardians of his puppet state,

Your values, the bloated appetite to make all of us think the same way, talk the same way, live the same way, fuck the same way, incarcerate our freethinkers, our feminists, our activists, our social critics, our polemicists, brand us as heretics, brand us with apostasy, stigmatise us as infidels, lobotomise our children, teach them your bigotry, herd them like mindless sheep, isolate them from the true ethics and morals of basic human rights,

Your values, spiralling through the parliament, the representatives selected by the people, for the people, the breeding grounds of the new laws to come, the new amendments to be made, the frontiers of a true free society, the cockfighting, cock measuring arena of adolescence, each esteemed member proposing a thousand different ways to change the national lightbulb, the spectators entertained by the make believe vehemency to serve the proverbial people,

Your values, the grotesque visuals of your police, beating our grandparents on the streets, beating the unarmed, blood and puss, scraped them from the sidewalks, for their difference of opinion.

[anonymous contribution]

[image via fatboy slim's halfway between the gutter and the stars]